We are a globally reputed supplier for minerals, natural stones and marbles listed in this website. All minerals and natural stones are produced from our direct suppliers located in Turkey. For other mineral requests, please contact us.

We will supply laboratory test results for each mineral after receiving the LOI. We are working with stocks and we can supply directly. The shipping of our products is made from Iskenderun port, located in the northeast of the Mediterranean, with bulk cargo handling equipment.

1- Copper Cathode (99.99%) & Copper Scrap (>99.95%)

We are currently able to supply copper products with very competitive prices and up to 20 thousand MT or more on a monthly basis from DRC, Zambia, Dubai (WHS), India and Uzbekistan. Copper cathode commodity is Electrolytic Grade (A) and Non-Registered LME.

We organize reliable suppliers and design solutions for each request

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